How much of my order goes to support the staff at Bluefoot?​

100% of the sales of the Pint-demic tees go to the Bluefoot Staff Fund, and Adam and Cuong are making a matching contribution for those purchases, dollar for dollar. The tips you leave in the Online Tip Jar also go to the Bluefoot Staff Fund. Purchases of other merchandise and gift cards go to the bar, to help pay rent during the pandemic. We ALL appreciate your support!

How does picking up my order in-person work?​

We offer shipping, but if you want pick up your t-shirts in person we plan to have a window at the bar open every Thursday from 5-7pm. Just show your order confirmation on your phone and we'll hand over your order. We'll also have merch on-hand, so if you want to tip, pick up extra gift cards, or get extra merch in-person, that's awesome! We'll take payment via PayPal and Venmo on-site.

I had to get a pre-order shirt since you didn't have my size in stock. When will I get my order?

We will be printing the pre-order shirts in mid-May. If you select for your items to be shipped, they will be shipped as soon as they are printed. If you are going to pick up in-person, we will send an email when the shirts are ready and you can pick up at one of our scheduled pick-up times!



We're charging $5 and planning to mail them in a bag via USPS First Class. We're not experienced shippers, but we're pretty confident that the Post Office will help us!

Returns & Refunds

If you receive your Bluefoot merchandise and something makes you sad (aside from the bar still being closed), please email us and we'll do our best to turn your frown upside down.

You don't have the size t-shirt I want!

If the size you are looking for isn't in stock OR in our pre-order section, please email us, and we'll see if we can get you in some sweet gear. 



Thank you for your support! We can't wait to see you all again!